Professional Advice & Guidance

What is included:

  • Analysis of Pre Consultation questionnaires and performance data if appropriate
  • Face to face, phone or Skype Consultation (60 minutes) to discuss goals and aspirations, strengths and weaknesses and where to focus training time
  • A discussion on how to plan and structure training and use and analyse data effectively, including training zones
  • Answering your specific questions on topics such as equipment, tactics, mental strategies, recovery, nutrition etc
  • Post consultation written report of the discussions and any further information needed allowing the athlete to take responsibility for their own training programme

How it works:

Appropriate for the self coached athlete that requires some additional support in planning and managing their own training programme.

Prior to your consultation I will ask you to complete an online questionnaire so that I can prepare for our time together and ensure you receive the most value from your consultation.

If you are able to travel to North Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire or Northamptonshire we can meet in person. Alternatively I consult via Skype or phone (your preference).

For clients outside of the U.K. consultations can be scheduled at a time that is appropriate for your time zone.