Performance Run Coaching

A subscription based distance coaching service for clients that either live too far to make weekly face to face viable, or prefer the flexibility of slotting training sessions into a hectic life. Whilst this is delivered remotely, it is still coaching and you have unlimited access to support, guidance and mentoring not just a “training plan” and a bit of software! The focus is on providing you with Performance Run Coaching remotely.



per calendar month

Unsure how to include Strength & Conditioning into your weekly training? Get a bespoke plan and ongoing coaching.



per calendar month

Which drills would help you? What sessions each week and what intensity? Technical and fitness development.



per CALENDAR month

Is your nutrition keeping pace with your training? Are you eating optimally? Nutritional Coaching gets you leaner and fitter.

Which Coaching Package is right for you?

Choosing the right coaching package for you will depend on your ambitions, the time you have available for training, the breadth of support you need and, of course, your budget.

The three coaching packages all have one common purpose – to get you fitter, faster and realising your potential.

level 1 STRONGER
You know that Strength & Conditioning is important and would make you a better athlete, but you are unsure where to start and what would be most beneficial specifically for your physique and events. You want a bespoke solution, not a generic template. My level 1 STRONGER is an affordable online coaching programme that gives you a bespoke plan and fully coaching support. Whether you train at home, outdoors or in a gym; you will have the certainty of knowing you are using your time wisely.

level 2 FASTER
Perhaps you have plateaued. Or maybe the generic ‘coached’ sessions at your local club are no longer developing you. You want to reach your full potential and you know that you need some professional support to realise your ambition. Building on the foundation STRONGER (which is included in the FASTER subscription), your programme is expanded to include bespoke running sessions. The right session at the right time and the right intensity.

level 3 LEANER
Nutrition has always been a bit of a dark art to you. Perhaps you feel the need to loose some additional weight or that you would like a leaner body composition. My LEANER package, includes STRONGER and FASTER but adds full Nutritional Coaching to provide you with the a comprehensive and holistic approach to improving your performance. I have designed this intensive package for the serious Athlete that has both the time & resources to invest in realising their full potential.

To You

A personal approach to your training, offering friendly professional support with open and honest communication.

A bespoke coaching programme specifically designed to optimise your results within the time you have available.

A scientific approach to coaching. Training based on data analysis of your performance and physiology. But balanced with the emotional intelligence to know how to apply data.

Lifestyle analysis & time planning, to ensure you’re training effectively.

A wholistic approach to your development, recognising that writing a training plan is not coaching.

Inspiration, motivation, advice and accountability at the right moments. 
Most importantly a commitment to forming a team with you and achieving success together.