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Day 8 – Corona Mountain Goat Challenge

Into the last weekend, as we round out the race over the final six days. Have the restrictions on our normal lives finally broken our goats? With less sun and a fresh (read cold) wind in places they could be forgiven for hiding at the back of their shelters today. They have done so well…Surely today would be an off day? 

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Boxing Clever with Boxercise!

A fun and educational day down in London with Andy and Kev from Boxercise 🙂 And now an accredited Boxercise Instructor myself! A great way to bring some variety into your cardio as improving agility and balance. Planning to offer this as either 1:1 or small groups. If you would like to have a go why not try a taster session with me in the next few weeks? But be warned it soon becomes addictive 🙂

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Calfman – like the clappers?

This is completely new territory, I have decided to do some adding up and try to figure out what might work as a bit of a plan for this Calfman race.

In my exceptionally limited experience so far the basic plan has been dream up a target time (based on nothing), rock up, try as hard as you can (whilst still keeping enough to make sure you finish), cross your fingers and hope for the best. To be fair this rather haphazard approach has served me well… But maybe it is time to be a bit more grown up about it?

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