Race 6 of 9 Thruxton

Race 3 of 9 Slateman Duathlon

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1 of 9 Thruxton Duathlon

Why Do I Get a Stitch?

This üst surely rank in the top five questions that I get asked each week. And yet, infuriatingly, I can never answer it properly and have to concede that I really don’t know. Of course there is nothing wrong with not knowing, but given it is asked so frequently you would think I would have […]

Cholmondely Castle Duathlon Race Report

My first attempt at Duathlon and much delayed (has everyone’s events have been) due to the pandemic. A beautiful setting, pretty good course, average organisation and a poor performance (from me!) sums up my overall thoughts about this event. Would I go back? Probably not… So now lets get into the detail.

Returning to sports post COViD-19

Given that Endurance Athletes are the population I work with, I felt it was important to think about safe ways to return to training (and eventually competition) post infection. In this post I summarise what I learned and will update as more information becomes available.

Open For Business!

Pleased to say that from the 13th May I will be resuming one to one Coaching Services for both Runners and for people seeking help with General Fitness. As you can imagine, in order to comply with current Government guidelines, there will be some modifications to the format of services that I can offer. But […]

Ever been here?

Often hear this from people post IronMan 😹😹

6 of 6 Crashed and [Wo]Burned

Last Saturday, all tattooed and keen, I made my to Woburn for the ‘Woburner Middle Distance’ race. Full of big hopes, feeling very good about it, and actually on top of my game. Confident that I knew what I was supposed to be doing. The old body felt like it was in good enough shape […]

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