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Carrying a rucksack full of water in your swim?

Really good video for correcting some common problems… Well at least they are common in my FS!! Head position, hand during the catch pushing down not pulling back and legs way to wide open (don’t go there… it’s childish!). Best tip for me in this video is to focus on correcting ONE THING and really grind it in. Maybe you are similar; but I try to change too many things in one go and end up changing nothing?

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CSS and the three bears

Having bought my new toys it only seemed reasonable to learn how to use them (well an estimation anyway!) …

With the help of the Internet, the power of Google and some witch like incantations, I worked out that my Critical Swim Speed might be 2:19 therefore meaning that Mode 2 on my timer would be about 34s. Apparently incorrectly, I decided that mode 1 could be used as my stroke rate metronome. Rather than setting the number of strokes, mode 1 lets me enter the time per stroke. Day one I am using WU and CD pace 1:09. I may change to using the number of strokes per minute… Must conform I suppose!!

Set off to have a crack at proper css set Three Bears (again the Internet came to the rescue…)

100m 32s rec

200m 32s rec

300m 32s rec

Pretty much ok but slow at the end of each 100 but doable! This must be doing some good 👍

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CSS – How to work it out

Having experimented with my little tempo timer (for that read pressed some buttons and set a random time), I quickly concluded that I needed to get some proper information about what to do with it and how to build some training sessions around it. The joys of being a newbie and also self coached! But as with all things training, you can get so far by just doing it. But if you want to make some meaningful progress you need a focused plan… Luckily I have Google and also YouTube.

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