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New 5k PB :)

Had a go at running a 5k this weekend to see what my flat out time would be. This I guess I can then use when people say “run at your 5k pace”… Anyway, had a great suggestion to use a park run so that I had some people to chase. Very pleased that I managed to set a new PB. So that was an unexpected result.

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Embracing The Mud

I shall start with an apology, if you follow my instagram feed then you may already have read the gist of this post. What can I say… Other than read it here too, there will be much more to smile at. So it came to pass, and if your read my previous post you will have the back story already, I went off road. In brief; I don’t like getting dirty. Have never wanted to do XC. Nagged and prodded to within an inch of my sanity by ‘she that organises XC’ for Wootton. Caved in.

This post is about what happened, what it was like and some general thoughts in case you are thinking of taking the plunge. 

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Cross Country? Not a chance…

I don’t do mud and I do not run off road. I don’t like getting wet or cold and I am not keen on uneven surfaces… Therefore I REALLY do not do Cross Country. Except I am on Sunday… I am weak and too easily influenced by others. Which is lucky really, else I would not have half as much fun 🙂 I blame our new ‘Cross Country Race Co-Ordinator’ she has a lot to answer for! 

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