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Day 7 – Corona Mountain Goat Challenge

Day 7. The half way point and it’s getting tougher and more competitive out there! The first mini challenge has been won, with Marsha securing herself a £5 Amazon Voucher for her troubles, but the rumour is that the next mini challenge is going to be announced Saturday. So remember; you have to be in it to win it! Another £5 voucher up for grabs… 

But what about the here and now! What action did we see on day 7? Were there some more crazy attacks? Are the goats jostling for position ready for the home straight? Or did they just put their hooves up and think of cheese…?

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Day 6 – Corona Mountain Goat Challenge

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely detecting more people starting to get stressed after a few days of ‘lockdown”. It makes me feel very fortunate that I already have fitness as part of my life, and now more than ever it is providing an important way to keep some sanity. Maybe some of you feel the same? I know a lot of people don’t have what ‘we’ have…

But you didn’t click on the link to read my thoughts on life (!!), just my thoughts on the mad goats that have been out again today haha… So what has been happening? Is there any less bleating and perhaps a bit more running? 😉 Have any more ‘gingers’ joined the Challenge? Surely there can’t be more upsets and surprises SIX days in???

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Day 5 – Corona Mountain Goat Challenge

Surely they can’t keep it up all week?!?!? Well the sun shone and the fight for the overall title of Corona Mountain Goat Champion became real… Far from fading out, day 5 saw new names and some more big hills. Could this be the last day of sunshine for the week though? Are they just a load of fair weather goats that don’t want to get their hooves wet? Time will tell, but for now lets unravel today… 😉 

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Day 3 – Corona Mountain Goat Challenge

Start of what would normally be the ‘working week’, but we find ourselves in anything but normal times… A day where the Prime Minister himself has lent recognition and support to the importance of the Corona Mountain Goat Challenge by explicitly stating that getting out each day to complete a run was on a par with food shopping and essential work journeys 😉 So our intrepid athletes now have their mandate… What will they do with it? What competition strategies are emerging? Or basically were they all knackered after the weekend…

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Day 2 – Corona Mountain Goat Challenge

As the sun rose on the first Sunday of the challenge I was almost giddy with expectation and excitement (… or maybe that was due to a lack of breakfast?). The traditional long run day; would our intrepid Mountain Goat Athletes go long and still manage to find hills? Would the early leaders fade away… Or maybe some new contenders would emerge? By the time I got home from my own run, it was already shaping up into one heck of a day in the Strava Club 🙂 

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Pitsford 10k

A fresh Sunday morning in Northamptonshire! And our running with my running club Olney Runners.

The club organised a 10k race (basically one lap of the reservoir) for club members, their friends & family. But this year also opened it up to other local running clubs. What makes this such event is that all proceeds, donations and the money we would have spend on medals all goes to charity instead.

And the cakes were plentiful and much appreciated 😊

So what’s not to like for a bit of winter running action! Nice course, great company and a good cause. Perfect way to spend my Sunday morning👍