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Open For Business!

Pleased to say that from the 13th May I will be resuming one to one Coaching Services for both Runners and for people seeking help with General Fitness. As you can imagine, in order to comply with current Government guidelines, there will be some modifications to the format of services that I can offer. But if you are in need of some motivation to help with your running or fitness, then read on immediately…

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STAGE TWO The Challenge Intensifies

Lockdown continues… It’s time for our goats to gather again and battle it out for the next challenge in the Corona Mountain Goat Series. If you missed Stage One, no need to bleat, this is your opportunity to make your mark and take on the competition. 

If you can run 5k then you can enter. This is not about speed, its a level playing field and all about CONSISTENCY. Free to enter, prizes for the winners, banter and motivation for ten days… What’s stopping you! Here are the  details…

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The Corona Mountain Goat Champion is…

What can I say!! For the past 13 consecutive days you have never failed to come good, so what happened on the last day? Some of you have been in touch to tell me about broken hooves, sore udders and other running related injuries… Did that stop you? Some have even said that they have cracked hills now and in 14 days have improved their running… But did any of that translate to the final results? Did you all give up too soon or something?

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Day 13 – Corona Mountain Goat Challenge

Day 13, lucky for some? There are certainly some goats with sore hooves now. But did anyone get out? Were there any heroic runs? Is there STILL no way to predict the winner? And vitally has Simon been ‘referred’ yet? These are the questions that would have troubled us at the start of the adventure, but I think we all know the answers by now… So lets get into the weeds 🙂 

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Day 12 – Corona Mountain Goat Challenge

The last 48 hours of the Chall… You might have thought that by now it would all be done bar the shouting. There would be a lack of interest. The Challenge would have died… And lets face it, now you can’t move for blooming Corona Challenges… Yesterday, I regaled you with my statistical insights and numerical wizardry. Well that was a waste of time. I should have known that the only predictable thing here is the strictly unpredictable!! What have they done this time? 

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Day 10 – Corona Mountain Goat Challenge

The skies darkened in Buckinghamshire today… It was noticeable how many fewer people were out and about. (I assume the Government will interpret it as “their successful lockdown” campaign. But actually it just rained… Whoops dd I nearly get political there!). Most importantly did it stop our goats? Did Lisa ever remember WHY she wanted to go upstairs? What is happening at the head of the heard? Has Hannah finally thrown in the towel on her RED streak?

People THESE are the questions that matter!! Let’s find out…

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Day 9 – Corona Mountain Goat Challenge

Oh my giddy aunt! Day 9 and the bar has once again been raised… Surely we must now have found the limit of Capra Aegagrus Hircus performance? Surely our goats have no more to give… And yet if I learned anything in the last eight days it is that there are some seriously competitive athletes here. So what on earth has gone on today?

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Mini Challenge 2 – Goat and Wolves

Transform yourselves into a pack of Wolves for mini challenge #2. A virtual variation on Hare and Hounds, our guest goat (not one of your number…) has set a course and your task is to be the first Wolf to catch him by replicating the course that the old goat has set… As closely as possible. Let me elaborate…

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