Race 6 of 9 Thruxton

Race 5 of 9 Box End Duathlon

Race 4 of 9 St. Neots Duathlon

Hmmm… rubbish performance at a very average event, I think sums up my thoughts for the 2022 St. Neots Duathlon. Admittedly from a social point of view it was lovely to catch up with some old friends. And yes, I made some new friends too. So why so miserable about it?

Race 3 of 9 Slateman Duathlon

2 of 9 Clumber Duathalon

1 of 9 Thruxton Duathlon

Cholmondely Castle Duathlon Race Report

My first attempt at Duathlon and much delayed (has everyone’s events have been) due to the pandemic. A beautiful setting, pretty good course, average organisation and a poor performance (from me!) sums up my overall thoughts about this event. Would I go back? Probably not… So now lets get into the detail.

Abingdon Airfield ART Crit Race – What Happened?

Duxford Dash 10k

It’s already September and feels like I have not written a little race report in ages… Mostly because I haven’t! In fact, apart from racing at Duxford on foot today, the only other event for me so far in 2020 has been a TT on my bicycle hosted by BRCC. With all the new COViD […]

BRCC 10mile TT

Last year I started to get a little lax in writing up race reports (or more accurately my mis-adventures getting in the way of people that know what they are doing!). This year, as we all know, looks VERY grim on the racing front. So I feel very lucky to have at least managed one […]

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