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Duxford Dash 10k

It’s already September and feels like I have not written a little race report in ages… Mostly because I haven’t! In fact, apart from racing at Duxford on foot today, the only other event for me so far in 2020 has been a TT on my bicycle hosted by BRCC. With all the new COViD restrictions around public events I wasn’t exactly sure what this would be like. But the promise of some late Summer sunshine, two athletes that I coach coming along too and a aircraft museum as a backdrop… Well what could possibly go wrong!!

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Pitsford 10k

A fresh Sunday morning in Northamptonshire! And our running with my running club Olney Runners.

The club organised a 10k race (basically one lap of the reservoir) for club members, their friends & family. But this year also opened it up to other local running clubs. What makes this such event is that all proceeds, donations and the money we would have spend on medals all goes to charity instead.

And the cakes were plentiful and much appreciated 😊

So what’s not to like for a bit of winter running action! Nice course, great company and a good cause. Perfect way to spend my Sunday morning👍

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6 of 6 Crashed and [Wo]Burned

Last Saturday, all tattooed and keen, I made my to Woburn for the ‘Woburner Middle Distance’ race. Full of big hopes, feeling very good about it, and actually on top of my game. Confident that I knew what I was supposed to be doing. The old body felt like it was in good enough shape to achieve a decent time.

The plan didn’t include blood. It certainly didn’t involve throwing up and it was all supposed to be over in a lot less than the six and half hours.

In what is becoming a bit of a tried and tested format, how exactly did I manage to mess this one up ??

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5 of 6 Chateaux Chantilly – Wot No Tee Shirt?!?!?

Writing this whilst sitting outside a French Cafe in glorious sunshine, it is hard to recall any negatives about yesterday’s race… But of course in my own well documented style I will try 🙂

Yesterday, I participated in the Standard Distance triathlon set in the grounds of the very picturesque Chateau de Chantilly and hosted by Castle Series Events. Overall a disappointing outcome for me of 3hrs 7min but a very well organised and hugely popular event. Certainly one that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. And if circumstances permit, then I would add to my calendar for next year without hesitation.

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Race 4 of 6 : The Calfman

Another weekend, another race. Or at least that is how it’s starting to feel (and not in a bad way), and this time tThe Calfman organised by Big Cow Events and held at Emberton Park Buckinghamshire (04/08/19). As this rollercoaster season has worked out The Calfman ended up being an ‘A’ race for me. A strange event in that during the race it felt very good, after the race it felt good and initial impressions were that it was a ‘success’. But having sat down, looked at my times and comparisons… turns out it was passable at best. But actually a bit of of a ‘non event’ (on so many fronts!). 

So what has displeased me *THIS* time? And what is The Calfman like as a race…

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3 of 6 London Triathlon – Lesson Learned

As I sat at the ExCel eating a handful of dry muesli cereal post race (don’t ask… I surpsased myself today), I felt decidedly flat and uninspired. Surprisingly not because of the “Muesli Episode” but due to what I felt was a bloody poor performance in todays race. My worst case consolation prize (bronze) goal was a sub 1:30 time and I didn’t even manage that (1:32:24… was going to have to say it at some point so may as well get it out now!).

Having consumed sugar virtually all the way home, I decided to reflect and see what lessons I could learn. After all I had a plan so I should be able figure out where this went wrong and adapt my training accordingly.

So buckle up, get a nice mug of tea and let me bore you with another post race ramble…


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2 of 6 Centurion Triathlon – battling on.

The Centurion Triathlon is a non-standard distance event offering either 100 km or 100 mile races. Originally I entered the 100m as a ‘test’ event before Alpe D’Huez, but as that is now scrapped I decided to be a wimp and changed distance to 100 km. Given the weather, this turned out to have been a very fortuitous move!

Having also transferred my Heaver Castle entry to Chateau de Chantilly later in the season, recovery time / injury recovery (if needed) was not a concern. As the alarm went off at 4am, I was feeling pretty good about the day ahead…

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