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Dragons, Ogres and Medical Receptionists

Dear iPad, Another coffee shop moment. Another reflection on life… After months, years even, of good health I seem to have had several brushes with the medical profession recently. I know I can have a propensity to be a demanding customer. And of course when not feeling well my ‘demanding’ nature may become somewhat accentuated. […]

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Are we nearly there yet?

Dear iPad, I fear we are!! Blenheim is just the round the corner then we will be hitting Heaver sooner than you can say unprepared triathlete! I know that everyone says they haven’t training enough, to trust the plan, to focus the taper… But it’s at this precise moment that I am wondering about how […]

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Time flies… Even if I don’t

It’s been a month since I last typed to you dear iPad… Where does time go?

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Supplements? Really??

I must admit that I bought into the “Supplement Marketing Machine” too. You know that uber expensive tub of Protein supplement for £48 that you imagine is going to rock your body’s protein needs… Just by chance I happened to check where today’s protein had come from in my diet, and I was amazed! Nothing […]

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