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Open For Business!

Pleased to say that from the 13th May I will be resuming one to one Coaching Services for both Runners and for people seeking help with General Fitness. As you can imagine, in order to comply with current Government guidelines, there will be some modifications to the format of services that I can offer. But if you are in need of some motivation to help with your running or fitness, then read on immediately…

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Rock and Roll Saturday Night

Yes another Saturday night living on the edge of sanity. No alcohol for over a year now, but harder still a whopping three days on ‘managed’ sugar. I have decided that sugar free would be not only pointless (and not particularly good for me!), but virtually impossible to achieve, so I am aiming to stay around 80g / day of unrefined sugar. But if you are at all serious about fat loss, enhanced sports performance or quite possibly both then you will also know that you can’y out train a rubbish diet generally!

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2019 The Story Continues. A Pace.

I have often heard, and sometimes used, the expression “a life changing” time or experience. I’m not sure I really understood what that meant, but with the help of 2019 I think I am far closer to knowing exactly what it can mean. As I sit here on the 31st December 2019 and reflect back over the last twelve months I can certainly say that my life has changed beyond all recognition.

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Dragons, Ogres and Medical Receptionists

Dear iPad,

Another coffee shop moment. Another reflection on life… After months, years even, of good health I seem to have had several brushes with the medical profession recently. I know I can have a propensity to be a demanding customer. And of course when not feeling well my ‘demanding’ nature may become somewhat accentuated. But really… Continue reading Dragons, Ogres and Medical Receptionists