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Macro Nutrient Mix

I’m not sure about you, but I am for ever trying to remember where I last read the right percentages of each macro that should be in my diet. And then beyond that how much do I need of what to fuel for training and racing. So having just read an article on TrainingPeaks blog that made reference to this I thought I would note them here for future reference.

Standard disclaimer: I am not a dietitian or health professional. You should use this information at your peril and if you want dietary advice then I would suggest speaking to a professional in that field. I’m just someone that SBR like you 😉

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Supplements? Really??

I must admit that I bought into the “Supplement Marketing Machine” too. You know that uber expensive tub of Protein supplement for £48 that you imagine is going to rock your body’s protein needs…

Just by chance I happened to check where today’s protein had come from in my diet, and I was amazed! Nothing special about today. Not a contrived study, just eating normal low fat low sugar moderate carb day… As you can see from the picture; the amount of value I got from the protein supplement was negligible 🤷🏻‍♂️

For goodness sake, even the yogurt I snacked on had more protein – and was a lot cheaper!!

Makes you think doesn’t it…