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GP’s to ‘prescribe’ cycling? And once again we miss the point!

Without wishing to be over cynical, this really stands no chance at all of making any meaningful impact. Which is a shame as people will die. Please don’t misunderstand, as someone that coaches cycling, nothing would make me happier than every obese person in the UK waking up tomorrow and deciding they want lose weight through cycling… So why is this such a none starter?

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Making Sense of Macros

In this, the third part of “Eating Clean & Getting Fat”, I will describe a simple approach to allocating your Total Daily Calorie Expenditure across Macronutrients. Sounds far more technical (and perhaps complicated) than it actually is! Understanding a few key principles will enable you to set daily goals for yourself and identify a sensible starting point in terms of diet. Whilst managing your overall calorie in-take is important for weight management, ensuring an adequate supply of macro and micronutrients is essential to your overall well being. 

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Open For Business!

Pleased to say that from the 13th May I will be resuming one to one Coaching Services for both Runners and for people seeking help with General Fitness. As you can imagine, in order to comply with current Government guidelines, there will be some modifications to the format of services that I can offer. But if you are in need of some motivation to help with your running or fitness, then read on immediately…

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How Much is Enough?

Following on from my previous post in this series, Eating Clean & Getting Fat, which debunked the notion of Unicorns whilst also suggesting two key principles that if followed will provide control over your weight, guaranteed. In this post I will start to fill in some of the blanks. The first question we need to answer is how many calories do I need (on most) days to maintain my weight?  If you are interested in such matters, then read on…

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An Apple A Day…

Might well keep the Doctor away. So long as it is ‘an’ apple rather than a dozen apples a day! What a strange thing for him to say you might think. Where on earth is he heading with this… Quite simply I have been thinking about weight loss / gain, particularly as many of us are sitting, more or less house bound at present, and experiencing an irresistible desire to put things in our mouths.  And particularly have been reflecting on the often sighted defence of “there is nothing wrong with my diet. I eat [clean / healthy / fresh] so I really don’t understand why I’m getting fatter”; cue next trip to fruit bowl or “snack” from food mountain in fridge.

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Rock and Roll Saturday Night

Yes another Saturday night living on the edge of sanity. No alcohol for over a year now, but harder still a whopping three days on ‘managed’ sugar. I have decided that sugar free would be not only pointless (and not particularly good for me!), but virtually impossible to achieve, so I am aiming to stay around 80g / day of unrefined sugar. But if you are at all serious about fat loss, enhanced sports performance or quite possibly both then you will also know that you can’y out train a rubbish diet generally!

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