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New Group Challenge Feature in Strava

Perhaps a little late, as this would have been perfect for the never ending stream of “lockdown challenges”, but it is still a very cool feature and one that I think I will be using immediately. So what are Strava Group Challenges all about?

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L2 Cycling Coach at your service!

2020 might have been light on event medals, but it did provide a lot of time to bolster the CV with “qualifications” and this is my newest shiny certificate that arrived today 😁 So now I can “officially” add Cycle Coaching to the comprehensive list of ways I can help you!   —————- Seem to […]

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Understanding Training Data (part 2)

Following from my previous post, this time we dive further into the “data lake”. If you are into IT you will see what I did there! Luckily I don’t make my living as a comedian! So without further preamble…

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For those of you in England, 17th May sees a number go changes to what is permissible in terms of returning to “sport” post COViD lockdown. The following highlights are taken from the Sport England FAQ page (as at 14th May). Link to their page is at the end of the extract. Please note that […]

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Understanding Training Data (part 1)

Once upon a time we were excited to see our heart rate appear on our FitBit and using nothing short of magic it also “counted” our steps. But the world of fitness training has moved on a pace, and with modern devices, and ever more sophisticated software, it can sometimes feel like you are drowning […]

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5 Reasons why you might gain weight when you take up running.

It’s a well trodden path, even before the additional challenges presented by lockdowns and the virus, you decide you need need to lose some weight so you are going to become more active. And to do that you are going to take up running. But wait… What is going on ?!?!?! You are weeks into […]

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How to Run Faster – for absolute beginners

“In the beginning it is usually about the distance… ” Of course I’m talking about runners! For many people starting out in running, achieving a 5k run is often the goal. Having achieved that (not inconsiderable milestone), the next goal is often to aim for a 10k distance. But very soon things become somewhat “blurry” […]

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Rowing for Runners & Cyclists?

Variety is apparently the spice of life, and as far as developing fitness and performance goes I am inclined to agree. Of course if you want to be a more efficient runner then you absolutely need to run. Same goes for cycling. HOWEVER, by adding complimentary forms of exercise there can be both a motivational […]

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Understanding VO2 Max and how to improve it.

It happened again this morning, the scientists behind the scenes at Garmin confirmed (once again I might add!) that I am indeed “superior”! But friends and regular followers will of course already know that 😉  In seriousness though, what can we learn from VO2 Max on our fitness watch? In fact what is it anyway […]

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Returning to sports post COViD-19

Thankfully the majority of people that contract COViD-19 will survive and for a significant number it will only cause mild symptoms if indeed any at all. However, as you will be aware this is a disease of the respiratory system and there is a lack of clarity at present as to the possible long term […]