How to fit Strength & Conditioning into your plan

The benefits of strength and conditioning for endurance athletes are well-documented and ultimately translate to better performance at races. And yet, in spite of this, many still fail to prioritise strength and conditioning within their overall programme because of time constraints. In this blog I suggest a practical way to ensure you’re fitting in just […]

Shin Splints, what you need to know.

Shin Splints, or more correctly Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS), is a very common running related ailment and particularly common in newer runners but not exclusively. Before applying the information in this blog post, be aware that the information is general and therefore may or may not be appropriate for you. Also, there are other […]

New to running? How to get started

5 Signs you might be overtraining

Connective Tissue & Menopause

The menopause brings with it a range of physiological changes associated with the decline of female sex hormones, notably oestrogen and progesterone. While these two hormones are certainly not the only factors that affect change during this time, the sharp decline of oestrogen, in particular, has significant effects on tissues throughout the body for many […]

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Essential Guide to Sugar

3 Tips For Starting Strength Training During Perimenopause. Safely.

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Vegan Ice Cream

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