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A few days back I wrote a post briefly describing the TrainingPeaks platform and some of the reasons to consider using it. As part of my online coaching programmes, I provide a premium athlete account included within the fee, and I now use it as my preferred coaching platform. Not having used a basic account for a LONG TIME, it wasn’t clear to me just how limited the “basic” account turns out to be…

As a small experiment, I decided to let my premium athlete account lapse so I could understand what the “basic” experience was like. I think disappointing best sums it up!

Therefore I thought it would be worth posting a comparison table of the key differences (this has been reproduced from information on TrainingPeaks). But in one brief summary – all the useful analytics is unavailable in the basic account along with the cool Coaching interactions.

If you already have a Premium account then great, but if you are either new to TrainingPeaks or currently with a “basic” account, I will upgrade you to premium whilst you are an active subscriber to one of my coaching programmes.

Athlete Account typeCoach Paid PremiumSelf Paid PremiumFree Basic
Who pays for the account?Coach PaysAthlete PaysFree
How does this affect me as a coach?
Can I plan for the athlete?YesYesYes
Do I have access to all of the charts and graphs?YesYesYes
Can I get Post Workout Notification Emails?YesYesNo
Can Athlete get Post Activity Comment Emails?YesYesNo
Can I sync with WKO?YesYesYes
Can I see my athlete’s Peak Performances?YesYesNo
How does Premium vs Basic account type affect your athlete?Click here to view all of the differences between basic and premium athletes.
Athlete has access to all charts and graphs?YesYesNo
Can copy and move workouts into the future?YesYesNo
Can edit files, create ranges, delete channels, etc.?YesYesNo
Can access ATP (Annual Training Plan)?YesYesNo
Athlete can see Peak Performances?YesYesNo

If you have any questions about TrainingPeaks and how it might be able to help you then please feel free to get in touch. Always happy to help if I can!

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