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6 of 6 Crashed and [Wo]Burned

Last Saturday, all tattooed and keen, I made my to Woburn for the ‘Woburner Middle Distance’ race. Full of big hopes, feeling very good about it, and actually on top of my game. Confident that I knew what I was

5 of 6 Chateaux Chantilly – Wot No Tee Shirt?!?!?

On reflection typically `French’…

Race 4 of 6 : The Calfman

Thoughts and reflection from The Calfman Triathlon. Almost like a ‘race report thingy’ but not quite as good!!

3 of 6 London Triathlon – Lesson Learned

As I sat at the ExCel eating a handful of dry muesli cereal post race (don’t ask… I surpsased myself today), I felt decidedly flat and uninspired. Surprisingly not because of the “Muesli Episode” but due to what I felt

A bit of a plan for London

Hardly seems a year since I nervously rocked up at London’s ExCel centre to participate in the London Triathlon 2018. That was for one of my very first races and everything filled me with concern. I was entered into the

Calfman – like the clappers?

This is completely new territory, I have decided to do some adding up and try to figure out what might work as a bit of a plan for this Calfman race. In my exceptionally limited experience so far the basic

All Change

So having bored everyone for several months about ‘Alpe D’Huez’ I have withdrawn my entry. Bit of a change of heart?

It never gets easier… You just get faster

I can’t recall who gave us that quote, else I would naturally credit the original source! The original quote was said in relation to cycling, but of course it is equally applicable to triathlon. Whilst sheltering from the rain last

MK Half Marathon 6th May 2019

It transpires that I am incapable of using a race as purely a training event! The plan for today was to run a steady even pace and use it as my long run for the week. This changed a few

Lead me not into temptation…

…And deliver me from evil. In think the prayer goes? I could even hear the voice in my head (you know the one that suggests you should stop swimming in your red mist set or not cycle because its raining)