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Yes another Saturday night living on the edge of sanity. No alcohol for over a year now, but harder still a whopping three days on ‘managed’ sugar. I have decided that sugar free would be not only pointless (and not …

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A quick update on the Sugar withdrawal scenario… Extremely short lived! Similar to any other craving, distraction works as a great way to ‘be strong’. So what does today look like? +10

Homemade Fruit 'n' Nut Flapjack

OK, this might not win any prizes in the Great British Bake off or indeed get me an invite onto Masterchef, but it was super easy to make and tastes extremely good! Therefore I consider this a big win 🙂 …

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This fusion of Korean and Japanese flavors is jumpy with attention grabbers: fiery kimchi, nutty tasting soba, and a punchy sauce. Plus, studies show that eating more plant-based protein like tofu is a recipe for longevity. 00

Made using roasted immature wheat, Middle Eastern freekeh is a smoky-tasting whole grain that is high in protein and fiber. A creamy tahini dressing rounds out the dish. 00

Give your stir-fry some Latin flare with this fajita incarnation that is packed with muscle-building protein and the immune-boosting vitamin C found in bell peppers and mango. The stir-fry can also be scooped into corn tortillas for a twist on …

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This Scandinavian inspired dish incorporates some of the most notable elements of the health-hiking Nordic diet, namely, omega-3 rich salmon, vegetables and whole grains. And sneaking in some sauerkraut offers up gut-friendly probiotics. 00

This fuss-free stir-fry that’s imbued with a flavorful Indian essence is high in dietary fiber to make it extra filling and heart-healthy. To make it vegan, simply omit the yogurt. 00

I’m not sure about you, but I am for ever trying to remember where I last read the right percentages of each macro that should be in my diet. And then beyond that how much do I need of what …

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I must admit that I bought into the “Supplement Marketing Machine” too. You know that uber expensive tub of Protein supplement for £48 that you imagine is going to rock your body’s protein needs… Just by chance I happened to …

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