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Well that’s buggered then…

“Well Mr Stivala, I am not sure as your X-RAY is a little inconclusive but I would say you have a fractured scaphoid…” This is soooo not what I wanted to hear 🙁 The conversation should have gone “Man up

New Bike Day! But with a final sting :(

For those of you that have been following the saga, you may have wondered if I was going to write about the trials and tribulations of buying a bicycle. Indeed I am, but just wanted to get to the end

My big race for 2019

Triathlon Alpe D’Huez Lots of training to do before I get to the start line, but then that’s half the fun right? I gather that this is quite a tough race… Makes it worth doing 😉 I have yet to

Winter Training – How do you do it?

Nearly Christmas, the temperature here in the UK has fallen sharply and many of my friends have migrated in doors to their turbo’s. You will be pleased to know that this isn’t going to be another “Zwift” bashing post!! but

Zwift bites back with new partnership

I am no fan of Zwift… As anyone that either reads this blog or follows my Facebook page will know only too well by now! However even I have to concede that their recent announcement; a partnership with British Cycling,

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Zwift the saga continues

A second attempt at falling in lust with Zwift… Nope that failed too. Not so much as a head turn or slight interest let alone lust, passion or love! I seem to have managed to get a bit further with

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A first foray into Zwift

Having unpacked my fancy new turbo the obvious next step was to sign up for a trial with Zwift. It certainly seems all the craze and as a bit of techno Geek I felt compelled to explore it’s virtual tarmac.

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Getting to grips with the Turbo

A week into having borrowed a friends turbo and I am a convert! I can see that a turbo is not just for Winter but a great addition to all year round training. Imagine that many people are now shaking

Garmin Vector – Stupidly fiddly!!

Tried to do the most simple of maintenance tasks today, simply to change the batteries in my Garmin Vector 3 peddles. Hardly requires a degree in Mechanical Engineering right? Well hours later I had to confess I was beaten 🙁