Author: EdStivala

All Change

So having bored everyone for several months about ‘Alpe D’Huez’ I have withdrawn my entry. Bit of a change of heart?

Dragons, Ogres and Medical Receptionists

Dear iPad, Another coffee shop moment. Another reflection on life… After months, years even, of good health I seem to have had several brushes with the medical profession recently. I know I can have a propensity to be a demanding

Are we nearly there yet?

Dear iPad, I fear we are!! Blenheim is just the round the corner then we will be hitting Heaver sooner than you can say unprepared triathlete! I know that everyone says they haven’t training enough, to trust the plan, to

Well that’s buggered then…

“Well Mr Stivala, I am not sure as your X-RAY is a little inconclusive but I would say you have a fractured scaphoid…” This is soooo not what I wanted to hear 🙁 The conversation should have gone “Man up

No fun in that!

Not Happy!

Apparently the lake at Alpe D’Huez is a bit fresh and I am not the best in the cold. So very sensibly decided to venture down to Box End early this morning to practice swimming in cooler open water… What

It never gets easier… You just get faster

I can’t recall who gave us that quote, else I would naturally credit the original source! The original quote was said in relation to cycling, but of course it is equally applicable to triathlon. Whilst sheltering from the rain last

MK Half Marathon 6th May 2019

It transpires that I am incapable of using a race as purely a training event! The plan for today was to run a steady even pace and use it as my long run for the week. This changed a few

Simple but true!


Time flies… Even if I don’t

It’s been a month since I last typed to you dear iPad… Where does time go?

Training picks up pace

It’s been a while since I have written an update on how training is shaping up. First ‘A’ race is Alpe D’Huez (still) and now less then 20 weeks away… In fact only 16 weeks. Which frankly is starting to