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6 of 6 Crashed and [Wo]Burned

Last Saturday, all tattooed and keen, I made my to Woburn for the ‘Woburner Middle Distance’ race. Full of big hopes, feeling very good about it, and actually on top of my game. Confident that I knew what I was

5 of 6 Chateaux Chantilly – Wot No Tee Shirt?!?!?

On reflection typically `French’…

Race 4 of 6 : The Calfman

Thoughts and reflection from The Calfman Triathlon. Almost like a ‘race report thingy’ but not quite as good!!

3 of 6 London Triathlon – Lesson Learned

As I sat at the ExCel eating a handful of dry muesli cereal post race (don’t ask… I surpsased myself today), I felt decidedly flat and uninspired. Surprisingly not because of the “Muesli Episode” but due to what I felt

A bit of a plan for London

Hardly seems a year since I nervously rocked up at London’s ExCel centre to participate in the London Triathlon 2018. That was for one of my very first races and everything filled me with concern. I was entered into the

Calfman – like the clappers?

This is completely new territory, I have decided to do some adding up and try to figure out what might work as a bit of a plan for this Calfman race. In my exceptionally limited experience so far the basic

Not the attitude really ;)

Let me start by saying that I know this is wrong attitude!! What is it you learn in sales 1-0-1, never start with a negative… Guess that was another day I just wasn’t listening!! So having broken into this little

2 of 6 Centurion Triathlon – battling on.

The Centurion Triathlon is a non-standard distance event offering either 100 km or 100 mile races. Originally I entered the 100m as a ‘test’ event before Alpe D’Huez, but as that is now scrapped I decided to be a wimp

Triathlon Distances

Format Swim Bike Run Super Sprint 400m 10k 2.5k Sprint 750m 20k 5k Olympic 1.5k 40k 10k Half 1.9k 90k 21.1k Full 3.8k 180k 42.2k 00

1 of 6 Blenheim Tri – reflecting

My opening race of the season, first of six this season, and one that I had hoped to participate in last year, but due to injury had to drop out. Pleasingly this year, despite the wrist problem, I felt on