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Yes another Saturday night living on the edge of sanity. No alcohol for over a year now, but harder still a whopping three days on ‘managed’ sugar. I have decided that sugar free would be not only pointless (and not …

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A quick update on the Sugar withdrawal scenario… Extremely short lived! Similar to any other craving, distraction works as a great way to ‘be strong’. So what does today look like? +10

No, not a blog post suggesting a sandwich filling! But rather a short ramble whist sitting here in a state of withdrawal from my favourite drug… Sugar. +10

Another certificate and more fun to be had 😃 30min taster sessions, 1:1, small group, six week beginners course… Or if you REALLY want a challenge the why not try the 60min ‘Boxercise & Strength’? More fun than a treadmill, …

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A fun and educational day down in London with Andy and Kev from Boxercise 🙂 And now an accredited Boxercise Instructor myself! A great way to bring some variety into your cardio as improving agility and balance. Planning to offer …

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Homemade Fruit 'n' Nut Flapjack

OK, this might not win any prizes in the Great British Bake off or indeed get me an invite onto Masterchef, but it was super easy to make and tastes extremely good! Therefore I consider this a big win 🙂 …

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Often hear this from people post IronMan 😹😹 00

2019… A real life changing year. And I’m delighted. Super excited for 2020 but thank you 2019

A fresh Sunday morning in Northamptonshire! And our running with my running club Olney Runners. The club organised a 10k race (basically one lap of the reservoir) for club members, their friends & family. But this year also opened it …

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