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New Running Programmes Aug / Sept

Inspired by the weather to get moving and be active? Feeling motivated to perhaps start running? Or maybe you already run but have your sights set on a longer distance or smashing that Personal Best? Where ever you are in your ‘running thoughts’, you will find a programme here to suit you. Plenty of Summer time weather left, so what are you waiting for!!

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Couch to Runner Programme

Run Improver Programme 

One to One Coaching Options 

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GP’s to ‘prescribe’ cycling? And once again we miss the point!

Without wishing to be over cynical, this really stands no chance at all of making any meaningful impact. Which is a shame as people will die. Please don’t misunderstand, as someone that coaches cycling, nothing would make me happier than every obese person in the UK waking up tomorrow and deciding they want lose weight through cycling… So why is this such a none starter?

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Setting your Heart Rate Zones

In my last post I looked at how you could calculate your maximum heart rate, a brief look at the theory behind why you might wish to know it and some of the practical considerations to be aware of. However simply knowing the number is of little value unless you can use it within your training plans and perhaps include it in your battery of “Fitness Markers”.

In this post I take a look at Heart Rate Zones, why they exist and suggest a model you might chose to use for yourself.

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Understanding Maximum Heart Rate (MaxHR)

Perhaps you have just acquired your first fitness tracker, or maybe you have decided that it’s time to use more of the data that you have been “wearing” for some time. Or maybe you have been hearing a lot about “Heart Rate Based Training”, but not quite sure where to start?

In this post I will look at the precursor of Heart Rate Zones and that is to determine your Maximum Heart Rate and to suggest a slightly more accurate way to calculate it.

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Making Sense of Macros

In this, the third part of “Eating Clean & Getting Fat”, I will describe a simple approach to allocating your Total Daily Calorie Expenditure across Macronutrients. Sounds far more technical (and perhaps complicated) than it actually is! Understanding a few key principles will enable you to set daily goals for yourself and identify a sensible starting point in terms of diet. Whilst managing your overall calorie in-take is important for weight management, ensuring an adequate supply of macro and micronutrients is essential to your overall well being. 

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